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    We are a family-oriented club dedicated to giving your kids a fun experience playing a truly international sport. We not only want your kids to enjoy playing Rugby, we want your whole family to enjoy the experience. You can become involved as much or as little as you want to be. Welcome!

    We believe that

    • Every player should be treated equally so we ensure that all kids play every week
    • There is no such thing as a player who is too small, too tall, too skinny or too sturdy.
    • Rugby has a position for every kid regardless of their size or shape
    • Every player should be taught all the skills of Rugby – catching, passing, kicking, tackling and mauling
    • Some kids have natural ball skills but Rugby has positions for players who are not natural ball-players although all players will improve all skills with practice.
    • Training should be fun and games should be even more enjoyable.
    • All players should be taught the culture of Rugby -
      "...A ruffian's game played by gentlemen…"
    • Rugby is not just about sport, it is about making life-long friends
    • Every player has the potential to eventually represent the United States in international Tests, at the Rugby World Cup and at the Olympics